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5 Beginner Tips For Your Props Collection

Vintage Books Creative Food Photography The Salty Biscotti Shop-2

This is a quick-tips post my dear “Salty” friends… Building a solid props collection is above all fun as I have written in the blog before, but if you are stuck or feel unsure how to move forward, have a look at the short list below. 🍪 Start your collection with neutral colors in backdrops/props🍪 Combine two surfaces […]


INTRODUCING-FAVORITES-OF-THE-MONTH Discounted Styling Props The Salty Biscotti Shop

Hey my dear “Salty-Friends”, Marianthi here!! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our new collection called “Favorites Of The Month”, created especially for you, Food Bloggers & Photographers. This is a core value of my eshop, as I believe strongly in supporting the work of people who share their passion […]

9 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Photoshoot

9 key questions to ask yourself before starting a photoshhot

It’s not just a matter of having a camera and taking photos, it’s a matter of taking good photos that you can build a portfolio on. Strong food/ product images will boost your client bookings and help you build a strong brand. Before any new photography project, I always ask myself the same questions – […]

How To Build Your Own Food Photography Props Collection

Silver Vintage Serving Tray Food Photography The Salty Biscotti Shop

It`s a fact that food photography is all about food, but props are also a huge chapter and a key part when discussing food photography. They can help you transform a food picture and have the power to create beautiful food stories too. Building a solid props collection is a hard mission, that takes time […]

Our Holiday Gift Guide – Treasures To Adore!!

christmas gift guide treasures to adore 2022

Gift giving is my favourite part of Christmas…and birthday, and Halloween, and Valentine’s Day… Ok, I like giving gifts all year round. But one thing that is true, is that I really love finding the perfect gift! So here is a list of thoughtful gifts under €10 (yes, you got this right). If you are […]

How To Clean Your Vintage Utensils

Melitini Vinyl Backdrop Flatlay Vintage Props The SAlty Biscotti Shop

We love so much Vintage Props in this Shop and if you don`t know that so far, a visit to our Vintage Category will leave you with no doubt. Vintage Props work really well in a photography set, especially if you are going for a moodier, strong textured, heavier outcome. These kind of props add […]

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