Kallias Blue Tiles Vinyl Backdrop

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Blue Tiles Vinyl Backdrop, beautiful & stylish to support all your food Stories!!

Ideal surface for shooting your Food & Product Stories.

Used by Business Owners & Creators, such as: Commercial Photographers, Food Bloggers, YouTube Videographers, Amateur Photography Enthusiasts, in their Home or Professional Studio.


  • 60×90 cm. –  Standard Table Size / MOST POPULAR
  • 90×130 cm. – Large Size / Ideal for Portraits & Large Story Scenes


  • Lightweight, easy to carry, clean & store
  • Material: matte synthetic (vinyl), opaque, waterproof, resistant to food and water, wrinkle free
  • Thickness: approximately 0.5mm
  • Back colour: grey


  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Dispatched time 2 – 3 days
  • Delivery Estimation Time Within Greece 3 – 4 days

FAQ PAGE: Visit for additional information.


COPYRIGHT: Exclusively designed from “The Salty Biscotti” – printed in Greece

The gallery images of the product shown here, include the unedited image of the original print out, net and empty and additional images of the backdrop creatively photographed, styled and combined with other colors. Additional images have been edited, therefore the color of the backdrop in these styled images may vary from its original.

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