Delicate Dark Grey Soft Gauze – Food Photography Napkin


An extra delicate, soft, very easy to handle and place as you need it in your food photography scenes gauze, in a dark grey color, this new prop item can become your favorite napkin, especially if you are a beginner. It`s large size covers bigger table scenes and with its soft fabric is really easy to fold or create the famous “S” napking curve.

Availiable also in Dark PinkRoyal BlueWine Red,

SIZE: 60 x 90 cm.

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Get inspired by our beautiful collection of Napkins, especially designed for Food Bloggers, Stylists &  Photographers.

Add texture, layers & shape to your images by simply using these kitchen cloths and create a collection of your style & colors, to support your food images.

Easy to place them as needed in your scene, to either create motion or highlight the unique elements of your dish.


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