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5 Beginner Tips For Your Props Collection

Vintage Books Creative Food Photography The Salty Biscotti Shop-2

This is a quick-tips post my dear “Salty” friends… Building a solid props collection is above all fun as I have written in the blog before, but if you are stuck or feel unsure how to move forward, have a look at the short list below. 🍪 Start your collection with neutral colors in backdrops/props🍪 Combine two surfaces […]

9 Photography Vinyl Backdrops Ideal For Beginners

Mantias Wooden Vinyl Backdrop Festive Cookies Food photography Styling Flatlay Flatlay The Salty Biscotti Shop

When you are starting your photography journey and want to create beautiful photos, you would probably start by choosing a camera, lens and purchase a bunch of props. But what no one tells you, is that you will get a more professional result, if using an appropriate photography backdrop. The proper photo background is definitely […]


INTRODUCING-FAVORITES-OF-THE-MONTH Discounted Styling Props The Salty Biscotti Shop

Hey my dear “Salty-Friends”, Marianthi here!! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our new collection called “Favorites Of The Month”, created especially for you, Food Bloggers & Photographers. This is a core value of my eshop, as I believe strongly in supporting the work of people who share their passion […]

Happily Sponsored A “Food Photography & Styling Masterclass”!!

Food Photography Masterclass Sponsorship

What a day!! What an event!! Last week, The Salty Biscotti Shop, happily AND proudly sponsored part of the “Food Photography & Food Styling Masterclass” by Leica Academy Greece. It was an all day food photography seminar, at the studios of the Academy, lectured by a fantastic team of food photographers & stylists professionals. The […]

9 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Photoshoot

9 key questions to ask yourself before starting a photoshhot

It’s not just a matter of having a camera and taking photos, it’s a matter of taking good photos that you can build a portfolio on. Strong food/ product images will boost your client bookings and help you build a strong brand. Before any new photography project, I always ask myself the same questions – […]

How To Build Your Own Food Photography Props Collection

Silver Vintage Serving Tray Food Photography The Salty Biscotti Shop

It`s a fact that food photography is all about food, but props are also a huge chapter and a key part when discussing food photography. They can help you transform a food picture and have the power to create beautiful food stories too. Building a solid props collection is a hard mission, that takes time […]

Our Holiday Gift Guide – Treasures To Adore!!

christmas gift guide treasures to adore 2022

Gift giving is my favourite part of Christmas…and birthday, and Halloween, and Valentine’s Day… Ok, I like giving gifts all year round. But one thing that is true, is that I really love finding the perfect gift! So here is a list of thoughtful gifts under €10 (yes, you got this right). If you are […]

Food & Photo – Advent Social Posts Calendar

Demetra Concrete Wall Vinyl The Salty Biscotti Shop Direct Creative

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year & I hope you will enjoy it with you loved ones!! Today I am sharing with you, a “Food & Photo Ideas Advent Calendar” in case you need some festive inspiration… SO save this to schedule your December’s posts!! 🌲 Food & Photo – Advent Social […]

Quick Styling Tip: Why Napkins In Food Photos

White Soft Cotton Napkin Food Photography Studio Flatlay The Salty Biscotti Shop_

So why use napkins in your food photos; here is a quick styling tip. Because this is the simplest way for you to add layers, texture & motion in your food photos.🙂🎈 For your job to become really easy, choose a Soft Linen & place it at a shape that supports the most your main […]

How To Easily Style A Flatlay Ingredients Image

Symi Tiled Vinyl Backdrop Small Size Product Styling The Props And Food Photography The Flatlay The Salty Biscotti Shop

Flatlays are one of the most popular food photography captures, but sometimes can be challenging and frustrating, especially if you are a beginner. In this post, you can find guidance about how you can style a simple flatlay image with ingredients and add some depth and motion too. Now, this is an important step, since […]

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