9 Photography Vinyl Backdrops Ideal For Beginners

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When you are starting your photography journey and want to create beautiful photos, you would probably start by choosing a camera, lens and purchase a bunch of props. But what no one tells you, is that you will get a more professional result, if using an appropriate photography backdrop.

The proper photo background is definitely a must-have prop to your photoshoots and goes a long way in achieving the impression you want to give your clients, your social media audience or your overall portfolio.

So, if you want to upgrade your images, you need a high quality photography backdrop that combines design, texture and color.

I happily introduce you today, the new collection just added to my shop, Backdrops Ideal For Begginers. In this post, I choose to present 9 out of the 16 designs I carefully added to this collection.

These are all designs that work really well with the majority of the food you have to shoot and the products you want to capture, for either a client of yours or your personal images collection.

They are extremely easy to style and edit, even if you are just started experimenting with vinyl surfaces.

So, lets dive in to get to know them and grab a few quick tips on how to handle them in the edit process!!

  1. “Athena” White Marble / “Athena” is our first ever vinyl photographed and printed. It is a beautiful minimal marble design and its tone works well with every color your hero subject may have. Lower your “highlights”, increase your “whites” and you will make it as bright as you need this to be!!

2.“Iason” Grey Minimal Vinyl Backdrop / “Iason” is a standard grey surface and you can use easily use it either for your flatlays or your direct shots. Experiment with the “saturation” tool and bingo – you now have the desired grey tone in your photo!!

3. “Lida” Vinyl backdrop/ “Lida” is a vivid, modern surface, perfect for your trendy shots!! Really easy to work with, just create your scene & click!!

Explore our complete Beginners Collection: Vinyl Backdrops that are easy to style, photograph & edit. Suitable for every style you are aiming for & supporting each season`s special features.

4. “Mantias” Wooden Table Backdrop/ “Mantias” is a must-have design. The wooden backdrop that you can use either as a table or as a floor. Perfect for your festive scenes and your cozy, vintage styled stories!!

5. “Polikratis” Blue Abstract Vinyl backdrop/ “Polikratis” is the perfect blue abstract vinyl. Is works really well with greens, reds, browns, oranges and whites. If you are looking for bold images, this is your go-for backdrop.

6. “Philareti” Pink Textured Wall Vinyl Backdrop/ “Philareti” is the most textured backdrop in our collection. This design is so ready to work with beginners in the field, just place it as a backwall, style your scene and capture its beauty. Add some clarity in the edit part. You are good to post now… 🙂

7. “Silinos” Blue Wooden Table Vinyl Backdrop/ “Silinos” is a really special design and although it may looks difficult to work with, is not!! This design is ideal for your Spring/ Fall photoshoots. Add to your portfolio that extra magic touch. This surface is unique!!

8. “Kallias” Tiled Vinyl Backdrop/ Can you believe that this is not a real tiled bench? One of our latest designs added to the e-shop, that has actually been featured in the cover of one of the most famous Greek magazines, is super easy to style & edit and a must-have for your collection.

9. “Sienna” Brick Wall Vinyl Backdrop / “Sienna” is a gorgeous brick wall surface that adds a cozy atmosphere to your photos. This design is an all-seasons backdrop and it can become your favorite backwall tool. Depending on the desired tone you want for your project, adjust vibrance/saturation to achieve it. For the smooth bokeh effect, lower your apperture towards 3.5.

** “Sienna” is now part of our New Combos-Backdrops catalogue.

Explore our complete Beginners Collection as you may discover more designs for your photography projects. These Vinyl Backdrops are easy to style, photograph & edit. Suitable for every style you are aiming for & supporting each season`s special features.

Happy Shooting you guys!!

Clicks & Love, Marianthi

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