Quick Styling Tip: Why Napkins In Food Photos

White Soft Cotton Napkin Food Photography Studio Flatlay The Salty Biscotti Shop_

So why use napkins in your food photos; here is a quick styling tip.

Because this is the simplest way for you to add layers, texture & motion in your food photos.🙂🎈

For your job to become really easy, choose a Soft Linen & place it at a shape that supports the most your main dish or product photographed.

White Soft Cotton Napkin Food Photography Studio The Salty Biscotti Shop_
* choose a soft fabric to easily place it on your food scene *

This kind of prop, a piece of fabric, feels So natural near or at the back, below your food, your ceramics & stills in general, so try to use them as much as you can.

If you do not have any napkins yet and wish to start creating your own style now, start your collection with Neutral Shades that complement the various & bold food colors. Then expand to more specific colors such as pink, blue or green and do not forget to add napkins with stripes and other geormetrical shapes.

To Inspire You, In The Photos From The Shop:
🍪 White Soft Cotton Napkin – Large Size
🍪 Brown Soft Cotton Napkin – Large Size

Clicks & Smiles, Marianthi the salty biscotti shop

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