Have You Heard About “Monday. Props Day.” Yet?

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If we are friends on social media you probably have already seen that every Monday morning, we welcome in the store all kinds of New Props. Of course, we welcome them with joy and we are very excited when a new design has made it to our very carefully selective collections.

If you have not heard this before, “Monday. Props Day.” has been with us since the launch of the store, so let me tell you a bit more about their little story.

- above backdrops & props from the shop, all introduced on a Monday. Props Day. 

I am the kind of person who loves Fridays but hates Mondays and I am guessing many of you, do hate them too.

So… I wanted to find a way for your Mondays to be bright and the beginning of your week to have lots of smiles. As most of us within our community are obsessed with new photography backdrops and props (myself included), I wanted a fun way to make your day a bit happier. And it was a hit friends.

Lets not forget though, that the mission of this store is to bring you joy and fun BUT mostly, to give you solutions for your photography projects – you can read more of our story in the About page.

So, besides all the fun of new props coming to the store every week, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss photography /composition tips and tricks on how to use them, place them in a photoshoot or combine them with different backdrops. It is also a great way to chat with each other, exchange ideas about props and inspire one another, having a better Monday morning.

If you are looking for inspiration, come join us every week, I try to dedicate each week into a seperate category with new images and tips.

If you need some inspo on how to use your props, you can always check our Instagram feed or Pinterest board.

You can always subscribe to our Newsletter, to never miss our latest news & special offers to our members.

That`s all for now!! Have a great day dear “Salty” friend!!

Marianthi, xo

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